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Making of my first Poi Pounder-初めてのPoi Pounder 作り

Poi Pounder
This is what I want my finnished Poi Pounder to look like. I wanted to make one for a while now. Recently I got a chance to pound poi for the first time at Waipaa(http://www.waipafoundation.org/index.php) and it inspired me to make my own Poi Pounder. The thick stuff that you get before it becomes poi is called Paiai, and it is much better than poi!
これに似ているPoi Pounderを作ってみたいです。だいぶ前から、作って見たかったのです。
最近、Waipaaで初めてポイをつくるチャンスがあり、もっとPoi Pounderを作りたくなりました!
Poi Pounder
I started chipping away at this rock for a couple of minutes, but stopped to take a picture to help me keep track of how long it will take to actually make a Poi Pounder. I started on this at about 6pm. The smaller rock is what I used to chip at the bigger rock. It is much more dense than the bigger rock.
I picked this rock because of the shape and that it had Olivine. It's a green crystal used in jewelry. So my Poi Pounder will sparkel when seen in sunlight.
石を少しずつ削るところからはじめましたが、Poi Pounderを作るのにどれぐらいかかるの覚えておくように写真を撮るために中断しました。大体、夕方6時ごろやり始めました。小さい方の石は大きい石を削るために使います。大きい石よりも密度が濃いです。僕がこの石を選んだのは形とOlivineが含まれているからです。緑色のクリスタルで宝石に使われます。だから、僕のPoi Pounderは太陽にあたると、キラキラと輝きます。
Poi PounderThis is after about 40 minutes. The rock on the left is also one of my chisel that I used.
Poi Pounder
This is after about 1hr. 20minutes. これは1時間20分後です。
Poi Pounder
I started again at 3:13pm the next day. 次の日は3時13分にまた始めました。
Poi Pounder
This is at 4:17pm.これは4時17分 Poi Pounder
At 4:34pm I got too aggresive with my chipping that I cracked the top part of my rock. BUMMERS!!! So I gave up for the night. Chipping this poi pounder into shape with another rock I was told is how it was done in old Hawaii, and doing it this way made me realize how much skill and patience it took to make. The next day I gave up on chipping it with another rock and gave in to grinding it with a diamond blade. I didn't take a picture so I'm not sure how long it took to grind it into a Poi Pounder, but I think it took about 2hrs. I also used the broken top part to make a Ulumaika. I will make a few more touch ups on this Poi Pounder before I'm totally done with it. 4時34分 削るのに夢中になりすぎてしまい、石の先端部分がわれてしまいました。がっかり!!!なので、その夜は諦めました。次の日、他の石で削るのを諦めてダイアモンドブレードで削ることにしました。
Poi Pounder Ulumaika
It turned out being shorter than I wanted but I think it turned out kind of nice for my first try.
I'm going to test it out at Waipaa where they let people get a chance to pound their own Poi.
My Ulumaika turned out pretty nice too!
Now I have to make a Poi Board to pound poi on! That might be on one of my next blog projects.
次は潰すポイをのせるPoi Boardを作らないと!
Poi Pounder Model
This is one of the photos that I got off of the internet that I was using as a guide while I was making my Poi Pounder. When I finnished making my Poi Pounder that I though I screwed up, I compaired it to the measurements of the Poi Pounder in this photo and found out that the one I made was very close.
僕の作ったPoi Pouderはモデルに使った写真の小さいほうのPoi Pounderに近いものになりました。
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Iliau Kauai Sword or Green Sword -Silver Sword

This is the endemic (found only on Kauai) Iliau plant on the left and one thats flowering on the right is related to the Silver Sword that grows on Maui's Haleakala and the high mountains of the big Island of Hawaii. Kauai's Iliau grows alot taller that the Silver Sword. About 4 to 12 feet in height. It grows at about 3,000 to 4,000 feet in elevation. これは固有種(カウアイだけで見られる)イリアウという植物で右側が咲いているところです。マウイのハレアカラやビッグアイランドの標高の高い山に育つシルバーソード(銀剣草)の近縁種です。カウアイのイリアウはシルバーソードよりも高く成長します。だいたい1.3から4mの高さです。標高1,000mぐらいの所で育ちます。
Young Silver Sword
This is a Young Silver Sword from Haleakala. これはハレアカラの若いシルバーソード(銀剣草)です。

Blooming Silver Sword

This is what the Silver Sword looks like in bloom. I heard that it blooms only once in about 30years then it dies. Then the wind helps spread its seeds that was produced by its flowers. This Silver Sword was blooming at the very top parking lot of Haleakala. これは花が咲いているシルバーソードです。30年かかって1度咲いた後、死んでしまうと聞いたことがあります。咲いた花からできた種が風で運ばれます。このシルバーソードはハレアカラの山頂の

Elevation on top of Haleakala
This is the elevation that the Silver Sword was blooming at. これはシルバーソードが咲いていた標高のサインです。

Silver Sword Flower close up
This is a close up of it's flowers. これは花のクローズアップです。

Iliau Flower close up
This is a close up of Kauai's Iliau. Also called the Green Sword, or Kauai Sword. これはカウアイのイリアウの花のクローズアップです。グリーンソードまたはカウアイソードと呼ばれています。

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Young Elepaio 若い エレパイオ

This young Elepaio was following its mother around as she would catch bug for it. I say it because I don't know if its a male or female. このエレパイオは虫を捕まえようとする、母鳥を追いかけています。 雌か雄かはわかりません。
I had to get real close to it to get this shot because I didn't have my telephoto lens. 望遠レンズを持っていなかったので、近くに寄って撮りました。Elepaio




It was hanging out for a while so I even got a video of it. Check it out below! 暫く遊んでいたので、ビデオも撮りました。見てください。
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